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What Makes A Crossword Puzzle Educational For Kids?

Kids may not always want to sit down and read a book or watch a documentary, but there are plenty of ways that kids can learn even while having fun. Crossword puzzles are word games that can expand kids' vocabularies, test their word association skills, and quiz their knowledge of facts. Some crossword puzzles are specifically designed to be educational for a wide range of ages. Here are four features that you can expect from educational crossword puzzles for kids:

1. Focused On A Topic Or Theme

Educational crossword puzzles for kids usually center on a particular topic or theme. This focus allows kids to utilize their critical thinking skills to solve puzzles, even if they don't know the exact answers. For instance, if other answers in a crossword puzzle have to do with marine life, then kids can intuit that the missing words will also relate to ocean animals. This type of theme-based grouping can encourage kids to engage in problem-solving behavior that is widely applicable to many other life situations.

2. Challenging

Educational crossword puzzles for kids shouldn't be too easy. When games are too simple, children are likely to give up out of boredom. You can find crossword puzzles designed for particular age ranges. In general, these puzzles will provide an appropriate challenge for kids of the indicated age groups. However, some kids may be more or less linguistically advanced than average. As a parent, you should feel free to try giving your child various difficulty levels until you find the crossword puzzles that challenge them appropriately.

3. Solvable

While crossword puzzles should present a challenge, they shouldn't be too difficult. Crossword puzzles that are too hard for children are likely to cause frustration, which can stifle kids' natural inclination to learn. Educational crossword puzzles are designed to be age-appropriate for children. They're often easier than crossword puzzles designed for adults in order to allow kids to build confidence in their problem-solving skills.

4. Helpful Hints

Finally, many educational crossword puzzles for kids provide helpful hints that kids can use if necessary. The purpose of educational crossword puzzles is to help kids learn and hopefully have fun. Far from ruining the experience, helpful hints can actually make it easier for kids to enjoy themselves. Hints won't give away the answer, but they will provide a little more context, which can help kids come up with the right answers on their own.