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3 Great Programs That Can Help Pay For Aviation School

Aviation school isn't cheap, and sometimes the thought of paying for school can seem more daunting than actually taking off and learning to fly. Whether you are a prospective student or someone who is already studying at a flight school, finding ways to pay your tuition and other expenses (that don't involve taking out a huge loan or maxing out credit cards) can be extremely valuable. So take a look below at three great programs that can help defray or cover costs completely.

Aircraft Electronics Association Educational Foundation​ 

Not everybody who wants to attend an aviation school is interested in being in the cockpit. For those who are interested in (or already pursuing) a career in aviation electronics and maintenance, the Aircraft Electronics Association has your back. The AEA scholarship program has given out more than $1.5 million to students since it was first formed, and does so in the form of dozens of different scholarships. For example, any high school senior or college student planning to attend an accredited aviation college with a focus in aviation maintenance can apply for the Duncan Aviation or David Arver Memorial Scholarships, just to name a couple. Both award $1,000 each year.


Though aeronautics has been historically dominated by men, women pilots such as Amelia Earhart and Jacqueline Cochran have made massive contributions to the field as well. To celebrate the legacy of all women pilots, organizations such as the Ninety-Nines have set up a plethora of scholarships for women who seek to begin or further their aviation training. For example, a woman planning to earn a degree in a field such as aerospace engineering or aviation business management can apply for an Amelia Earhart academic scholarship and earn up to $5000 to be put toward school. 

National Agricultural Aviation Association

Not every pilot flies a huge commercial aircraft from one big city to another. Many pilots spend most of their time flying smaller planes in rural areas in order to help farmers produce food that is safe to consume and inexpensive to the customer. These pilots work in a field commonly known as agricultural aviation, and there are plenty of scholarships available for those thinking about entering the industry. The scholarships awarded by the NAAA are great examples, as they provide multiple students with up to $5,000 so that they can pursue their dream of studying toward a degree in agricultural aviation.