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Understanding The Laws Of Physics Adds Velocity To The Chances Of Getting A Wrestling Scholarship

Physics is not exactly an easy topic for a high school student who struggles with math and science. The strengths of a particular student may rest in other subjects. Accepting a C+ in physics could be overlooked if the subject is not a major one related to upper educational pursuits. But what if the student is also a high school wrestler with dreams of getting a scholarship to college? The response to that question will probably be something along the lines of "What does physics have to do with wrestling?" Everything -- the laws of physics are what allow someone to be taken down, defend a taken, and perform a pin successfully. A better understanding of physics is only going to help a wrestler perform better on the mat.

Maximizing the Double-Leg Takedown

The double-leg takedown is in the top three of the most basic techniques of wrestling. Understanding the physics of the double-leg could assist in making the technique more successful and powerful which, in turn, means more points. More points or more pins means more wins. More wins brings a scholarship closer to reality. Physics can help enhance a double-leg through:

Reducing Air Resistance to Movement

Shooting a double-leg requires dropping down and propelling oneself forward with the leg muscles. Physics has shown, in cycling, hugging a bike's frame reduces drag force. Drag force is a form of oppositional force derived from the air. As is the case with a cyclist, a wrestler could reduce air friction by tightening his core leading to a smoother delivery on the takedown.

Speed Bests Strength

The assumption that executing a double-leg on another wrestler requires the raw strength of lifting him/her may not be correct. An analysis of the Olympics showed pole vaulters achieved success by forcing greater speed (kinetic energy) into elastic energy. In wrestling, launching a takedown shoot with great speed could create a similar conversion. The speed-based energy of the shot could be converted into the "lifting and dumping energy of the double-leg.

Developing the Better Understanding

Applying buzzwords from physics to techniques in wrestling is not enough. The wrestler has to truly grasp the laws of physics at a proper academic level. Those struggling should work with a physics tutor, such as those at College Physics Tutor, to gain the better understanding of physics necessary to get a higher grade in the class. In addition, the tutor could review video of the wrestler on the mat and point out all the ways physics works in action. All this knowledge and improve might send the wrestling in motion towards that all-important scholarship.