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3 Reasons The Montessori Philosophy Should Be Implemented In Child Day Care Centers

Each child is different and because of this it is very important to teach them in such a way that allows their different needs to be met, while still allowing them to learn. A great philosophy to use when teaching children is the Montessori Philosophy. This article will discuss 3 awesome reasons the Montessori Philosophy should be implemented in child day care centers where children spend much of their time learning and growing. 

Children Learn From Hand's On Experiences

Rather than just having the children sit down for formal instruction to be told something, the Montessori philosophy really involves children in the learning process. Rather than being taught something, they are able to participate in the learning process and try what they are learning for themselves. For example, if they are being taught about fruits, they will be able to touch, smell, and otherwise inspect the fruits themselves to invigorate their senses and allow them to truly learn what they are. 

Children Are Free To Move Around While Receiving Instruction

Rather than having the children sit at desks or tables the entire time that they are being taught, a more natural environment is encouraged. The children will be able to walk around during instruction time. The children will still of course be encouraged to listen and focus on what is being taught, but will feel more comfortable and at ease, rather than feeling restless from being made to sit in one spot for an extended period of time. This also allows them to sit on the floor closer to the instructor, walk up to the instructor and ask questions, get a drink, or go to the bathroom. This creates a feeling of independence which will be discussed in the next section. 

Independence is Emphasized 

It is important for all children to learn an increased level of independence as they grow older. Allowing a child to be independent can really help them to learn and grow, and achieve things that they may not if they were constantly receiving help with everything. During the learning process, the Montessori Philosophy encourages independent time for the child to learn. They may be left to a project or task for a designated amount of time to allow them to figure it out on their own and learn how to problem solve. The teacher will be available to help them, but won't be hovering or formally teaching during this time.

For more information about how day care centers incorporate this teaching approach into their child care, check out websites like http://miniapplemontessori.com.