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4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Driving School For Your Teen

If your teen is quickly approaching the age of being eligible for a driver's license, you may be feeling understandably conflicted. Part of you is probably excited for your teen, but as a parent, you may also have your concerns. The key to making sure your teen is prepared to fly solo behind-the-wheel is enrolling him or her in a reputable driving school. Before you select a driving school for your teen, however, there are some questions worth asking about the program.

Will Both Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Experience Be Provided?

Some driving schools provide only classroom experience, which is obviously important, but the ideal program will provide your teen with both classroom and real-world driving experience with the instructor. Find out exactly how many hours per week will be spent in the classroom versus how many hours will be spent driving with the instructor. And for classroom sessions, find out what kinds of topics will be covered (defensive driving, the dangers of driving while impaired, and basic traffic laws should all be a given).

Who Is the Driving Instructor and Is He or She Certified?

The driving school in which you're enrolling your teen in should be certified, but even with a certified school, not all driving instructors may carry certification. To find schools that meet the highest criteria, check with your auto insurance company. More than likely, they can provide you with a list of schools and/or instructors in your area. Always meet with the instructor personally before enrolling your teen in the class.

What Are the Parents' Responsibilities Throughout the Program?

Of course, the majority of the responsibility will fall on your teen and the instructor, but as a parent, you will likely have some responsibilities in helping your teen get through the program. For example, some instructors may require that your teen completes a certain number of driving hours at night, so you may need to help out by taking your child for practice rides from time to time.

How Flexible is Scheduling for Behind-the-Wheel Lessons?

Some driving schools will have group classroom sessions and then require students to schedule time each week to drive one-on-one (or with a couple other students) with the instructor. If this is the setup of the school you're considering, make sure the instructor's availability will work with your child's schedule. Otherwise, it may be difficult for your teen to get the driving experience he or she needs.

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